We offer a creative, challenging and approachable flow for all our students.

We pride ourselves in creativity and encourage individuality while you practice. We help guide you into a new sense of body awareness, confidence and strength. Be a part of our family and let our yoga community inspire you.

All are welcome h

Private Yoga Sessions

A private yoga session begins with a consultation. Your certified yoga teacher will identify your wellness goals and develop a customized plan to assist you in achieving your goals and build confidence in your practice. Your session will focus on developing your flexibility, strength and balance. You select the yoga style that meets your needs and preference. We offer sessions ranging from relaxing restorative yoga to intense cardio burning power yoga.
Note: A private yoga session may be one-on-one or you may add a guest (up to five). $5 per each additional guest.

60 min – $70
75 min – $85
90 min – $105

Yoga Classes

Class Pricing
Single Class: $16

• 5 pack $55 – $11 per class (Valid for 2 months)
• 10 pack $100 – $10 per class (Valid for 3 months)
• 20 pack $180 – $ 9 per class (Valid for 6 months)

Unlimited Membership:
1 Month Unlimited – $110 per month
3 Month Unlimited – $299 in full for 3 months



Yogalates combines the meditative strengths of yoga with the muscle and flexibility improving qualities of Pilates. Infuse your yoga practice with energy, stability, and balance by combining Yoga and Pilates. This class will help massage your body on the inside and detoxify your body all at the same time.


Slow Flow offers poses that range from gentle to challenging; done with stable, self-centering energy. This style can vary in speed; with some classes preferring long, silent periods of reflection with static, holding of poses and others opting for a more fluid experience (with possible frequent bursts of energetic sequencing to raise energy). The toned-down speed of these classes does not, however, mean that the poses are any less beneficial for building strength, stability and postural integrity.

This pace of these classes is more conducive to the meditative practices of mindfulness in action and awareness of breathing. It also allows students to take more time to better understand the overall practice and more finite aspects of individual poses. This makes it particularly well-suited to newer students, or for those who desire deep concentration within their practice.


Relaxed Yoga class with Lavender Towels for hands or feet during Savasana (final rest) and a single glass of tea at the end of class.

SATURDAY (10:00am to 11am) - POWER YOGA

1-hour group class that is personalized for each student by utilizing postures that are best fit for them. Helps increase muscular endurance and flexibility with a fast paced vinyasa based sequence. Vinyasa meaning Flow…this class will be moving at a variety of paces from high to low. Your instructor may use other exercise modalities such as Pilates and/or Aerobics during a portion of the class for increased abdominal and pelvic strength. This class is designed to get your heart pumping to increase endurance of the mind & body.

SUNDAY (6:00pm to 7:00pm) - RESTORATIVE YOGA

This practice emphasizes gentle postures and overall relaxation in an effort to recharge your body and calm your nervous system. Restorative yoga provides an excellent complement to the rigor of Power Vinyasa. Using supportive props and longer holds, we will invite the body to relax more fully and release all unnecessary tension stored in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Relaxing the nervous system and muscles will release tension and encourage healing and reconnection between the individual and their physical body. This class culminates with an extended Savasana to allow the benefits of the practice to fully integrate.