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Urbana Tea

Our Story

Our Unique Story

     How do we begin to describe this spa experience... well, quite simply… unique.

With a commitment to individual relaxation and a genuine interest in personal wellness, Urbana Spa opened its doors in 2006 to offer our guests a spa experience unlike any other.  By concentrating on building deep and profound relationships with our guests, Urbana has created an internal culture that focuses on a keen attention to detail.  With a team of highly skilled and caring Massage Therapists and Licensed Estheticians, coupled with soothing down-tempo beats, Urbana Spa delivers a remarkably nurturing and rejuvenating experience to our guests.  Urbana offer a wide variety of spa services that can be tailored to the individual guest’s needs in order to provide them with the best experience.  Our core mission here at Urbana is to provide the opportunity for our guests to experience these healing benefits as a regular part of their lifestyle.  


     After all, we all only have one body and one life.  Utilizing these various wellness practices, we have developed a proven approach to each individual guest’s path to a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Our guest’s spa experience is unlike any other.


     My approach is a combination of both eastern and western methods. If you need a positive, energetic and caring Massage Therapist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how I can help you restore and revitalize yourself.

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Our Unique Vibe

     With a modern, cosmopolitan appeal, Urbana blends the luxury of a comfortable lounge with an elegant spa environment. Urbana has grown and developed into more than just another drop-in massage spa, but rather one that focus on a wellness lifestyle. By offering high quality spa experiences, enhanced with our signature tea bar and upscale loft-style lounge, Urbana is able to focus on each individual guest’s experience, as well as spa parties and packages. Urbana offers a wide assortment of massage therapy styles from traditional to the specialty, with services ranging from Deep Tissue to Hot Stone, from Reflexology to Prenatal, from Ashiatsu to so much more. Facial, skincare and body treatment services are also offered to enhance any guest’s experience. In addition to the spa services, Urbana offers an unparalleled tea bar with extensive loose-leaf teas from around the world.

     Urbana is a well-established day spa with an excellent reputation for delivering guests a respite from the daily stresses of their lives. Urbana separates itself from other day spas with our breadth of services offered, exceptional guest focus, steadfast attention to detail, desirable location and popular spa parties.  The Urbana lifestyle is perfect for everyone, whether they want to relax, meet with friends, improve themselves, or just have some well desired “U time,” our vibe is personable and ever changing to fit each individual guest.

Our Mission

     Our mission is to provide an environment that invites our guests to reconnect with what matters the most, themselves. With a deep focus on the overall well-being and wellness of our guests, it is the intent of this organization to promote individual health through massage therapy, skincare, energy therapy and re-connection with one's self. We provide a sophisticated, singular day spa experience that rejuvenates the body, mind and spirit.

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