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Exclusive Sauna at Urbana Spa

Deep core warmth is activated at a cellular level to induce sweating, enhance detoxification, skin rejuvenation, relaxation and muscular recovery, and reduce inflammation. 


Come and experience our infrared sauna at our spa.  We are a clean and professional establishment that has been serving Greater Charlotte since 2006 at two locations; South Charlotte and Lake Norman.  We can entertain bridal parties, spa parties, and anyone else looking to feel rejuvenated!

During your stay, we can supply you with hand towels and bath robes. Please show up 10 minutes prior to your reservation to sign our company waivers.

Urbana SC Sauna.jpg
Woman in a Sauna

Reap the Health Benefits of Sauna Use Including, but not limited to:

  • Boosting your immunity through an increase of white blood cell production

  • Eliminating toxins, chemicals, and other impurities from your skin

  • Increasing heart rate, blood circulation, and metabolic rate

  • Loosening and relaxing your muscles after your exercise

  • Relieving stress, tension, and high blood pressure

  • Enjoying a stronger sense of mental well-being and rejuvenation

  • Opening skin pores and releasing trapped oils and dirt

  • Relaxing tense facial muscles

  • Loosening dead, dry skin which makes exfoliation easier

  • Promoting a clear complexion

  • Increasing body heat in warm weather helps to relieve overheating

  • Other benefits of saunas are noted to reduce your chance of catching a cold or the flu by half. During a sauna, you inhale hot air that makes it difficult for cold and flu viruses to survive.


One Session                  $  35 | 30m

One Month Unlimited    $210 | 30m


Image by Agnieszka Boeske
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