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Recharge, refresh & clear the mind. Create your own wellness experience, whether it be meditation, breathing, chi,  stretching. It’s all about your space, your routine, your wellbeing.

Our exclusive Relaxation Lounge is available to all Urbana Club Members, Spa Packages Guests and Element Guests only.  

For Club members and Spa Package guests, arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to relax and unwind in our private Relaxation Lounge. Indulge in one of our spa robes before your service(s). 

For Element Package guests, melt into one of our oversized chaise lounge and escape into that book you have been wanting to read but never have time for. Or simply elevate your tired feet, relax your tense shoulders and decompress in serenity.  Your personal therapist will greet you in the lounge and escort you to your service. 


Designed to present a complete experience, come immerse yourself in our mindfully created Relaxation Lounge that has been based on mother nature’s key elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ice. These exclusive sessions give you access to the Relaxation lounge, which includes the change areas where you will receive plush robes and towels, Infrared Saunas, our Mineral Springs Soak, our Halotherapy Salt room and Ice Bath.  Coupled with a lounge for guests to fully relax and unwind, with a complimentary alcoholic drink and complimentary water and tea.

Woman in a Sauna



Deep core
warmth is activated at a cellular level to induce sweating, enhance detoxification, skin rejuvenation, relaxation and muscular recovery, and reduce inflammation. 



Where busy minds come to rest and restore. Technically known as Halotherapy, salt room therapy has been used for thousands of years as a natural way to cleanse the respiratory system and improve skin health. How you choose to relax is entirely up to you, meditate, rest or snooze. Emerge feeling lighter, yet more in control.




Water in all its uses, gives us the ability to rehydrate, refresh and soothe the body. Using mineral rich waters, this century-old phenomenon delivers a health-for-life experience of rejuvenation, relaxation and enhanced overall wellbeing

ICE (Coming soon)


Activate the body’s natural healing powers using cold therapy. Sink into our ice bath to reduce tension, boost mood and concentration, flush metabolic waste, and deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to your organs and muscles.


All 3 elements and Relaxation Lounge: $80

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